Together with an international team of people we created an installation for the STRP festival. This installation had to be about infinity, and it had to be hybrid. This meant we needed to create both an online and offline experience which had to connect with each other in a meaningful way. We started thinking about how we as humans could reach infinity, which brought us to the Game of Life by John Conway. This is a pixel based, zero player game about over and overpopulation. 
We teach people about over and over population using the Game of Life as an abstract simulation. People would redistribute lives on our planet and see how it develops. There are also people online watching their every move. These people can vote on different solutions which each affects the game in a different way.
During this project I took the role of project manager. I made sure everyone know what to do and it was my duty to make sure all the different components, parts and people worked together to tell the story.
below you find a video of an earlier version